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Spiritual Vision: Practical Tools for the Development of Spiritual Character

Once I realized that the work of transformation was unfolding my Higher Self, I became curious and excited to have a toolbox of tried-and-true mechanisms for change. The change occurred slowly but steadily and, within a short time, everything I saw and all I did came from a place of spiritual perspective. I then began to see the world through spiritual vision.

This meant I was no longer fighting to be happy but was seeing a world perfectly capable of meeting all my physical and spiritual needs. All events, people, and things were suddenly gifts and opportunities to practice love. I also realized I was no longer a victim of inevitability, but a cocreator of unlimited power. This power seemed most effectively harnessed through the use of these spiritual technologies.

Every now and then an angel comes into our lives. Upon arrival, that angel allows us to open our eyes, clear the fog from our minds, lift the weight from our hearts, and point us in the direction we need to make a difference. In the past, the angel’s visits may have been few and far between, until, of course, Dan Costello came along.

With his book as the vehicle for helping us find the way, Dan Costello has proven to be the angel who can touch each and every one of us. All we need to do is read his inspiring words, open the door to our hearts, and let him in.

His recovery from the roller coaster ride of the human condition has enabled Costello to create a road map and compass for the reader. While never promising solutions, Costello does provide us with mirrors to self-reflect and to find the lessons needed to achieve happiness and satisfaction in life.

What more could we ask of an angel.

- Tom Mangano, Ed.D

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